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The Works of Monet, Manet, Renoir and Degas 

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The impressionist painters were particularly good at showing the effects of light. They used darker colours juxtaposed side-by-side with lighter tones of the same colour, to show how light often highlighted certain objects (Dunstan, 1983). To examine this effect further, pay close attention to the tree in Monet’s ‘Lady In The Garden’ (see above). The artists’ brush stokes are very evident, and all these painters made the transition from realism to expressionism. In turn, their paintings were very much lacking definitive outlines, and focused on the perception of the image as a whole rather than as the sum of its parts (a main goal of impressionism) (Dunstan, 1983). The impressionist artists celebrated beauty. They did this by making colours appear more vibrant. They painted mostly landscapes and scenes from everyday life (Rewald, 1973).

Deconstruction of Monet’s ‘Woman In The Garden’

Shows the strategic placement of brush strokes, in order to capture the light and eliminate harsh lines

(Monet, 1997)

Do you have a favourite impressionist painter? Let us know who!


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Impressionism was a 19th century movement in art. Impressionist artists distanced themselves from realism.

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