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Arts and science are both very important areas of study. As students that advocate a liberal arts education, we like both arts and sciences. We take both arts and science classes! But, do you like one more than the other? Are you cheating on science with the arts!?!

Click through the prezi below and find out! (Navigate through the prezi by clicking the right arrow on the bottom. Keep clicking until you get a notice that the presentation is over).

If you are team arts answer the following poll:

If you are team science answer the following poll:


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Impressionism was a 19th century movement in art. Impressionist artists distanced themselves from realism.

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Art and Technology

The technology of impressionism is two-fold. Firstly, the techniques employed by the impressionist artists were central to the movement. Secondly, the development of various artistic tools allowed the artists to employ a variety of impressionist techniques. See the 'Technology' page for more information.

Click on the photo above and create your own works of art using art pad. Click 'Save and Send' and opt for a link to your photo instead of an email. Post your link in the comment box

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